History of the Marine Academy

Marine Academy established at Chittagong during Pakistan period to train skilled manpower for the merchant ships. The government of Bangladesh took over the institution in 1971 and undertook various programmes for its development. The Academy buildings were severely damaged by a cyclone in 1991. Its reconstruction was accompanied by its modernization with new equipment and jetties for training and other purposes.

It has a ship handling and engine room simulator for imparting effective training. Graduates of the institution qualify for employment in the bangladesh shipping corporation and in foreign shipping organizations. The academy follows the British standard curriculum and it is a recognized affiliate of the World Maritime University of Malmo. The Marine Department of Hong Kong also recognizes the degree awarded by the Academy. A graduate from the Nautical branch of the Academy qualifies for employment as a deck cadet on a ship. Later, depending upon performance and openings, he becomes a fourth officer, third officer, second officer, and finally, a master (captain). Similarly, upon completion of his courses in the institution, an engineering cadet joins a ship as a cadet engineer and later, he may become a fifth engineer, fourth engineer, third engineer, second engineer, and finally, chief engineer. During the period between 1962 and 1999, about 1,833 cadets had graduated from the Academy.

Marine Fishing Academy, also established at Chittagong, offers courses, which are similar to those offered by the Marine Academy in many aspects. Similar other institutions located in Chittagong are the Seamen Training Centre and the Naval Academy of the Bangladesh Navy.