JMAAA Seminar

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January 2, 2107, Dhaka
JMAAA Seminar 5-7 PM 

Subject: Diversification of job Prospects for Marine Professionals

Moderator : Tariq Mahmood (7E)

Speakers :

A. Zillur Rahman

Script – The outline of my presentation on ‘Present situation and future of the maritime industry in Bangladesh’ will be as follows:

(Power Point)

  1. Status of Bangladesh flag ship owning companies, ship management companies and activities of ship manning agents
  2. Maritime training institutions including BMA and private maritime training institutions. Cadet training in Bangladesh and on board training (OBT) status.
  3. What next after OBT and getting the Class 3 Deck & Engine CoC.
  4. Overall standard of maritime training in Bangladesh and role of the maritime administration (DoS). Upcoming IMO audit for the maritime administration.
  5. Opportunity of higher education and diversification of profession for the mariners
  6. Shore job situation for mariners and their preparedness
  7. Conclusion

B. Khairul Anam


“Safety during Transfers of Persons to and from Ships” highlighting the theme of, “Lifejackets are useless unless worn”.

My subject outline will be:

  1.  Introduction
    1.   Transfers at sea, at anchor and while underway
    2. Accidents and incidents during transfers
    3. Key lessons learnt from incidents
  2. Before the transfer
    1. Risk assessment
    2. Safety briefing including suitability of persons, sequence, ladders
    3. Use lifejackets, PFD before going out on deck
  3. During the transfer
    1. No bags or luggage on persons
    2. Lifebuoys/lights readily available
    3. Only one person at a time on the ladder
    4. Provide a lee, clear safe area for landing/boarding
    5. Boat’s engines available, conning position manned, good communication
  4. Rescue of persons
    1. Retrieval equipment, overside ladder, boat hook, nets
    2. Training and practice for crew by operator of the boat.

C. Dilwar Ali (6E)

(Dilwar Ali 6E, Melbourne)

Global downturn in the shipping industry, slowdown in mining and resource sectors in Western Australia and Northern territory have resulted in unemployment of marine professionals.  Furthermore, there are mariners with young families who are reluctant to leave their families, even for short duration seaborne duties.  These factors have motivated mariners to seek alternate areas of employment, such as the Building Industry.

Mr. Dilwar Ali made a presentation based on alternative employment for fresh graduates and junior mariners.  He elaborated how he made adjustments to his career and advised the younger alumni to follow something similar.

At present, due to the consistent and incremental economic growth, there is a critical shortage of maintenance staff in Australia. The effects of these skill shortages are primarily impacting the global Facilities Management (FM) organisations, such as Brookfield, UGL, Spotless, Transfield, Serco, CBRE etc.

Maintenance staff will be required to operate, repair and maintain the following equipment set; and will require management and coordination skills to engage technicians and tradespeople such as, air con mechanics, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters etc.

  • Heating Ventilation Air condition (HVAC) system comprising Chillers, split , package units, Window room air condition, air handing units, fans;
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV), Variable Speed Drive (VSD);
  • Cooling towers, biocide dosing plant;
  • Air compressors, pumps and valves and distribution network;
  • Boilers, steam and heating hot water and warm water plants and associated equipment;
  • Co-generation, tri-generation plants and its end to end network;
  • Precision air con in data centres;
  • All electrical LV, MV and HV transformers, generators, switchgears, thermographs;
  • UPS network, particularly to data centres;
  • Vertical transports (lifts & escalators)
  • Fire extinguishers, blanket, detectors, sprinklers, EWIS, VESDA, inert gas flooding, fire/smoke doors, Fire brigade interface modules;
  • CCTV camera system, security, e- parking;
  • Electronic door access system operated through computers/handy cards;
  • Kitchen equipment including tunnel washers on conveyer belts, ovens, grills, cookers, walk-in freezers, cool rooms etc.
  • Building fabric, Gutters, down pipes, ground pits, rain water and sewer drainage
  • Painting, plumbing, carpentry, tiling, carpeting etc.
  • Gardening and landscaping.

Additional equipment specific to hospitals:

  • Medical air compressors and supply network to theatres & wards;
  • Vacuum pumps and supply network to theatres & wards;
  • Positive air (Theatre, ICU etc.) and negative air (small pox, TB, etc.) wards including airlocks support system
  • PC1 to PC5 labs support system;
  • Medical gas (oxygen, air, nitrogen, N2O, CO2, helium, etc.) bulk storage and or supply network system;
  • Sterilising plant and ancillary equipment;
  • Beds, patient lifters and trolleys
  • Ultra-low temp freezers (-85deg C), cryogenic chambers (-150deg C);
  • Mortuary plants, equipment, storage support system
  • Pure water generation plant including RO & polishing equipment;
  • Cyclotron (Generation of radio isotopes), robotic/semi-robotic surgical equipment;
  • Scanners (ECG, MRI, Angiogram etc.) and other diagnostics equipment.
  • Radioactive/ hazardous/ infectious waste management.

D.Book launch

Author – Mr. Abdul Malek (1E)

Book: Bangladesh Shipping and International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Malek Bhai’s book “Bangladesh Shipping and International Maritime Organization (IMO)” was launched today. Captain Rezaul Karim Chowdhury (25N) made the introductory remarks followed by others including Tariq Mahmoud (7E). The book a composite of various international treatises, passenger crew safety in Bangladesh an array of subjects including a future plan for shipping in Bangladesh.

Malek Bhai’s hard work, dedication and love of the maritime profession was recollected by many in the audience. The book received a rousing nod from the alumni present.


  1. Excellent. Good to see Dilwar from Australia and Khairul Anam from UK attending. Keep it up.