OCIMF MEG4 released

Additionally for Tankers, OCIMF has provided Mooring Equipment Guidelines, summarizing the concerns and requirements of major oil companies on safe mooring. In summer 2018, OCIMF revised the guidance for Mooring Equipment with the 4th issue of Mooring Equipment Guidelines. New definitions have been issued as Ship Design Minimum Breaking Load, LDBF (Line Design breaking Force) etc. A lot of information has also been provided on how to select lines and how to document their operational life onboard (Line management Plan, Mooring Equipment Register etc).

OCIMF MEG 4 Review

Reviewing the guidance, there are two issues that may require more clarification for the operators as follows:

Mooring line issue #1

The first issue refers to the maximum breaking load that a line should have in order to be purchased. The guidance mentions the minimum as follows: ‘Based on Ship Design MBL, the lines should have a minimum design breaking force (LDBF) 100-105%.’However, what if an organization wants to purchase lines with more than that breaking level, (assuming that the guidance D/d for equipment is satisfied)?