Industry has realized the importance of ‘Wellness at Sea’ and has shed its focus on addressing its key aspects: Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual

  Strategy, motivation, support and engagement are the keys to a successful approach!


Empower your social wellbeing

  • Be part of conversations onboard
  • Encourage other crew members
  • Participate in the social life onboard
  • Assist others with positive reinforcement

Empower your emotional wellbeing

  • Understand and manage your emotions
  • Share your thoughts and ideas with other crew members
  • Show care for others
  • Think positive

Empower your physical wellbeing

  • Keep a healthy diet
  • Exercise every day
  • Challenge yourself with new goals and activities
  • Stay hydrated

Empower your intellectual wellbeing

  • Spend time reading books
  • Keep updated with world news
  • Communicate and share perspectives
  • Know your rights

Empower your spiritual wellbeing

  • Find shipmates with whom you share common views
  • Acknowledge others point of view
  • Dedicate time to your spiritual needs
  • Speak to a port chaplain

Industry Awareness

  • Sailors’ Society has developed the “Wellness at Sea” coaching programme featuring a free app
  • Steamship’s Mutual DVD ‘Fit for Life’ addresses Physical Wellness
  • A BBC short film addresses the shipboard emotional pressures
  • HRAS issued ‘Managing Traumatic Stress – Guidance for Maritime Organizations
  • ISWAN offers immediate response to seafarers via its 24-hour multilingual helpline SeafarerHelp
  • ISWAN’s series of ‘Good Mental Health’ Guides focus on positive mental health & psychological wellbeing
  • Mission to Seafarers publishes the ‘Seafarers Happiness Index